"I give you my pearls"
O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him... Psalm 34:8

About the Author

Vikkie Vaughan is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. She has four beautiful children and eight grandchildren. She attends Word of Life Christian Center however, the most important and yet exciting aspect of her life is that she's a Born again Christian.

"I give God all the honor, glory and praise" she says; with him being the head of her life brings much peace and success also to her ministry. Her knowledge, wisdom and understanding is based on a personal relationship with God and His word. Hearing, reading, studying and standing on that word combined with the use of biblical principles; have opened many floodgates of miracles to her.

For Vikkie these techniques united together with persistence and consistancy has given her something very unique and dynamic. Her faith has soared to new heights, new levels, and her foundation becoming stronger; that she finds herself overcoming objections plowing forth in untapped or untried areas she's only dreamed of. Remembering, "Through God all things are possible".

Vikkie says she too has gone through some very, very hard times as some of you have. Therefore, she's had to take a hold of "faith" and step out of the boat of safety unto the water. "Trusting God" and being obedient, moving quickly once He's unctioned you no matter what; has made her triumph in all her fears and thus becoming this great achiever.

She says "the most precious facet of all is how much she Loves the Lord" which gives her great joy and honor in being obedient to his will in drawing souls to Him. In sharing the Love of God and how precious He really is; for Vikkie, this is to share her heart, joy, compassion and experiences. "I give you my Pearls".

About the Books

Trusting God
Price: $17.95 USD plus shipping and handling
Price: $17.95 USD plus shipping and handling
Price: $17.95 USD plus shipping and handling

"TRUSTING GOD?" is based on biblical principles and truths. Reassuring and helping you to achieve "Abundant and Prosperous Living". In this day and time there are many of you that are dreaming, desiring and searching for it in many vast arenas.

Within the pages there is discussion regarding those dreams, visions and golden nuggets of divine inspiration. I know you've asked yourself from time to time is this me or is this something I should even be thinking about? Yes, it is. When this happens God is directing the steps of your path. He wants you to rise up and begin to acknowledge those ideas.

This book challenges you with questions that will make you think about your current lives and situations. "Trusting God?" will warm your heart, spark emotions or peak the curiosity of some and dare others to start "Trusting in Him".

"Trusting God" will embark upon a nationwide campaign of prayer, vigilance and encouragement. Assisting you in collectively putting things in perspective to bring about remarkable changes and new triumphs.

"The vision God has given me..."

The anointing of God shall flow from these pages, being accessible to many hands and hungry hearts. Touching, stirring and blessing many, many souls. These books will infiltrate every area including those of the secular world. The reading population, the Internet alike are all bombarded with filth, hatred and crime. Through God there is "Good News."

These books will move and stir ones complacency in the Lord. It will build a desire to draw closer to the Lord. It will increase your faith and bring about lasting changes to your lives.

Trusting God?, With This Ring, and Bankruptcy are of great  essence and meaning. Each item depicted on each cover is a representation of a promise and or scriptural meaning in His word. Whether young, old, rich or poor, Christian or non-Christian, you will be drawn to these books for their titles and covers alone. These books will be requested by some and shared by others.

Therefore my mission,  purpose and desire is to deliver this information and relate to anyone in every walk of life in every corner of the world. What a divine way to deliver God's word.......

With This Ring
A very passionte, warm love story that discusses in parallel the love between God and man also the love between God, man and woman. "The marriage triangle." This book conveys my acceptance with my hand in marriage to God becoming one with Him, symbolizing the covenant that has been formed between us.

     •  Have you ever considered filing bankruptcy with God and not with man in a court of law?
     •  Is your debt higher than your credit and would you like to change that?
     •  Would you like to experience lending to others and never needing to borrow?

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